Slave Ship Captured

The slave ship Nightingale, captured on the 22d of April, off Kabenda, on the Western Coast of Africa, by the U.S. Sloop of war Saratoga, has been brought into the port of New York. When captured, this vessel was taken into Monrovia, and a cargo of 801 negroes was landed from her. 160 negroes had died on the passage from Kabenda. Of those that were landed, 272 were men, 97 women, 340 boys, and 92 girls. The captain (Francis Bowen) , the supercargo, the cabin servants, and a part of the crew made their escape. The three mates, Hind, Winslow, and Westervelt, were sent home to be delivered up to the authorities ….. The Nightingale is a clipper ship of 1100 tons burden, built at Portsmouth, N.H., and intended for the Baltic and Australia trade…..

(Liberator, June 21, 1861, pg 3)