Society for Aiding Discharged Convicts

“The Society was begun the 20th of April, 1846, and went into operation in May.  It was made to meet a demand which all acknowledge who are at all acquainted with the history of convicts.  Its earliest advocates had long known the wants of this wretched body of men, and as they were able had ministered to their necessities ….It was determined to form a Society and in this way to enlist others in the service, and out of good hearts, and minds, and wider means, could these be obtained, to labour more and better for the convict …. New York afforded a noble example of what may be done in this way by associated effort and action …. It has for its agent, in Isaac T. Hopper, a man so true to the great office he fills. …”   (Liberator, July 31, 1846, pg 4)

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