Southern appeal to the North

Excerpt from the Richmond Enquirer.   This appears in the section of the paper, titled, Refuge of Oppression, a section which had previously been named,  Slavery Record,

And contains proslavery views:

“……..Every sane man in the northern states surely requires no argument to convince him, that the project of abolition and intermixture with the whites is too revolting to all our sensibilities, and too pernicious to the very safety of the South, to be entertained for a single moment.

“What then do those madmen desire?  To excite a spirit of dissatisfaction among the slaves?  to shed our blood?  and to cause torrents of theirs to flow in the south?

“The South, therefore appeals in the most respectful spirit to the North.  Will you permit these vile fanatics to go in their audacious career? —Will you suffer your soil to be used for the purpose of planting the lever to agitate ours?  We call upon you to interfere.  As citizens of the same Republic; as bound to carry out in good faith the theory of the compact which binds us together,  we beseech to put down these incendiaries?   What would you say if your own operatives were to become discontented and rebellious !! threatening your houses with the torch and your families with the knife……”

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