The Colonizationalist Conspiracy

July 9, 1847

Garrison here addresses the Rev. Dr. Humphrey, Agent of the Colonization Society, who has recently preached at the Old South Church, Boston.  “Sir, If there be any employment more despicable, or more reprehensible than that in which you are now engaged, I have yet to learn what it is….What are you trying to do?  To persuade the white people of this country, that it would be a benevolent and Christian deed, to transport to Africa, just as they are,  in all their ignorance and wretchedness, the entire colored population, simply on account of their complexion!….. Go hide yourself, until a heart of flesh be given to you.  Colonize yourself to some uninhabited  island, and there remain, until you can respect every human being as one created in the image of God……”

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