The Sims Meeting

May 15, 1863

At Tremont Temple, Sims is on the platform with his wife and child, and partners in his late escape.  “On arriving in Savannah, he was put in prison, and had a severe sickness there….he was not whipped at all, but was sold as soon as he was in condition to work at his trade of bricklayer…. In twelve years since his return to Savannah he has had several changes of masters…the slaveholders apprehended danger from the contact with their slaves of one who had been a fugitive, more than they derived encouragement and confidence from the surrender of that fugitive…he was constantly directed to keep silence respecting his Boston adventures …he never relinquished the purpose of attempting an escape, nor the hope of succeeding in it ….he hired the time of his master, and thus had as much freedom of locomotion as slaves ever possess…three slave friends joined him in his plan of escape… the men had arms and were determined to fight in case of interruption….they had to pass a rebel battery, but reached the pickets of General Grant in safety…..Grant gave them a paper authorizing the passage of the party to the North.  Wendell Phillips and Garrison both spoke; Garrison reminds people that the Fugitive Slave Law is not yet repealed.

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