Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe

March 26, 1852

Announcing the publication of this book, there are quotes from the author’s preface, expressions of praise, and hope for its effect “to awaken the strongest compassion for the oppressed and the utmost abhorrence of the system which grinds them to the dust.” The article raises questions: “We are curious to know whether Mrs. Stowe is a believer in the duty of non-resistance for the white man, under all possible outrage and peril, as well as for the black man; whether she is for self-defence on her own part, or that of her husband or friends or country, in case of malignant assault, or whether she impartially disarms all mankind in the name of Christ, be the danger or suffering what it may.” … “The work, towards its conclusion, contains some objectionable sentiments respecting African colonization, which we regret to see.”

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