Uxbridge Anti-Slavery Society

UXBRIDGE TAKES THE  LEAD !        Mendon, Feb. 21, 1834  To the Editor of the Liberator

Sir:  Anti-Slavery Society was formed at Uxbridge, in the meeting house of the Rev. Mr. Grosvenor, on Tuesday evening, Feb. 18, after an interesting address by Effingham L. Capron.  At the meeting, and previously, THREE HUNDRED AND TEN names were subscribed to the Constitution.  Most of these men were from Uxbridge; a few names from Mendon. The popularity and progress of the cause in this region was wholly unexpected.

The names of the officers are as follow:

Effingham L. Capron, President;   Joshua Capron, Vice President;  John M. S. Perry,  (Mendon) Corresponding Secretary;    Ebenezer P. Dyer,  Rec. Secretary;    Richard Battey, Treasurer      Managers  — Amasa Dudley,  Edward Foster, Obadiah Wood, Ephraim Basset,  William C.  Capron,   Emerson Gardner, John Benson

Still further accessions to the Society may be expected.   John M.S. Perry,  Cor. Sec.

(Liberator, March 1, 1834, pg 1)