Warning to Elijah Lovejoy

Under the Refuge of Oppression column there is a paragraph from C. F. Daniels, editor of the New York Gazette. It is introduced with this comment, .. ‘How complacent – how dignified – how gentle!”

Here are the first sentences of the paragraph:
“The citizens of Alton, Illinois, are unlucky enough to have among them somebody that styles himself The Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy, who it seems is also editor of an abolition newspaper called the Alton Observer, in which he inculcates the beautiful doctrines of that beautiful fanaticism.  The citizens have determined that they will not suffer their pleasant and prosperous town to be kept in hot water by any such minister of mischief, and have appointed a committee of six to wait on the reverend brawler and tell him so.  If he really loves joy and wishes not to sup a little of its counterpart, he will probably take the hint.  ….”

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