Weymouth and Braintree Societies formed

A meeting was called by one hundred and one persons in the Union Religious Society of Weymouth and Braintree,  to consider the expediency of forming an Anti-Slavery Society., adjourned to Monday evening, April 11, to form the Union Anti-Slavery Society.

Officers:  President – Fisher A. Kingsbury;      Vice-Presidents:  Messrs. Elias Richards and Lysander Richards;

Recording Secretary – Henry B. Cowing;      Corresponding Secretary – James Whittemore;     Treasurer:  Ezra Leach;

Directors:  Rev. Jonas Perkins:  , Col. Ira Curtis, Hezekiah Thayer,  Dea.  John P. Nash,  Samuel Newcomb

(Liberator April 23, 1836, pg 2)