Article from the Greensborough (N. C.) Patriot

An article from the Greensborough (N. C.) Patriot – In reference to Walker’s pamphlet urges its suppression, but says, “we do not believe that it contains all that deep damnation that has been attributed to it..”…. then it goes on to speak of the fear spread among southern Governors and Statesmen, which it calls “misplaced alarm” …..”let us not overlook the burning volcano that lies but partially concealed beneath, the ultimate explosions of which cannot be prevented by adding to the cause which produced it …..If the legislatures of southern states wish to guard effectually against insurrection, they cannot do it by abridging the already limited privileges of the slave.  They will, of course be successful for a while, but they will only be drawing tighter that cord of oppression which will ultimately  burst asunder. …….their misguided efforts will only serve but to bend that bow which will hurl the arrows of destruction through our country…….Human beings were never made to submit to absolute and unconditional despotism: they never have done it, they never will do

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