Beginning of new year, 1856

With the New Year, we commence the Twenty-Sixth Volume of The Liberator. A quarter of a century, therefore, has been acitvely devoted to the cause of our enslaved fellow-countrymen, since we unfurled the banner of Immediate and Unconditional Emancipation in this city. We feel as much disposed to continue the conflict to the end as we did to begin it. Whatever phases it may yet assume, to whatever extent it may be prolonged, we shall never lay down our arms until slavery be exterminated, or our earthly career terminated. We profer to our many beloved friends and fatifhul coadjutors the warmest salutations and best wishes of the season. They have stood by us with a firmness and fidelity worthy of the noblest cause of the age, and we are confident they will endure to the end……. (Liberator, January 4, 1856, pg 2)