Practical Abolition (reference to Lewis Hayden)

“Taking our usual walk a few days ago, we strolled towards the West End, and in passing along Cambridge street, we met a distinguished politician who had just paid a visit at the establishment of Mr. Lewis Hayden, or rather to Mr. Hayden himself, on the corner of North Russell and Cambridge Sts.  Hayden is a remarkable man — one who has seen much both of slavery and freedom. … Mr. Hayden has the confidence of all good men at the North, and his acquaintance is cultivated by most of our leading politicians.   He is a noble example of what freedom will do for a man. … he has pursued a high and honorable course, doing much to elevate the colored population of our city, and has established himself in a respectable business — thus proving conclusively that a colored man can become a man of business, and evidencing to the world the practical results of freedom.”    The article is followed by a note from the editor of the Liberator, urging people to visit Hayden’s store.   Copied fromthe Boston Sunday News
(Liberator, December 21, 1855,pg 3)