Biography of Benjamin Lundy

“The volume which we have long been impatient to see is at last on our table.  It is entitled ‘The Life, Travels, and Opinions of Benjamin Lundy’, including his journeys to Texas and Mexico, with a sketch of contemporary events, and a notice of the revolution in Hayti.  Compiled under the direction of his children. Published by William D. Parrish, Philadelphia, … The name of Benjamin Lundy is indissolubly and gloriously connected with the anti-slavery cause in the United States, as its indomitable pioneer and untiring advocate, under difficulties and trials which no other man in the nation was found willing or disposed to encounter to the same extent.   For the space of twenty-three years, he gave himself to that cause with a zeal which nothing could check, equal to any emergency, with a vigilance as sleepless as the spirit of slavery itself..” (Liberator, July 16, 1847, pg 2)

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