Charleston and Savannah wealthy people

Unlike Charleston, the wealthy inhabitants of Savannah have not left the city, but remain quietly at their homes. The inhabitants daily assimilate more and more with their Yankee rulers. The anniversary of the birth of Washington was celebrated with great pomp and display. The flag of the Union floated from the Custom House, the Pulaski House, the Republican office, and many other public buildings; bells were rang and salutes fired.

  The Churches of Savannah are well filled on the Sabbath. Many of the blacks were enlisting, while others were proceeding to the Islands to settle in obedience to the order of General Sherman.

  The people of Savannah, though still secesh in feeling, unequivocally express the opinion that the Confederacy has “gone up”.” The last hope is extinquished. 

                                          (Liberator, March 17, 1863, pg 3)