The Colored Regiment at Readville

The Colored Regiment at Readville.  The Regiment now numbers nearly three hundred men, and recruits come at the rate of about ten a day. Thus far only ten line officers have been appointed to this regiment, and their relative rank has not been decided upon.  ……… The officers thus far nominated are Col. Shaw, who was a captain in the Mass. 2d; Lieut. Col. N. P. Halowell, captain in the 20th; Adjutant Lieut. Partridge of the 38th; Quartermaster John Ritchie, selected from civilian life; Dr. L. R. Stone, late of the 2d; Capt. E. N. Halowell (brother of Lieut.Colonel); who was lst Lieutenant in the 20th, and  nine other officers…..

(Liberator, Mar 20, 1863, pg 3)