Daniel Foster supports Rev. Thomas H. Jones

Rev. Thomas H. Jones — Dear Mr. Garrison  — “The Rev. Thomas H. Jones, a fugitive slave, has been laboring in this vicinity a little, of late. You know him, and do not, threfore, require any recommendation. He is soliciting aid for the redemption of his son. An enemy has published a notice in the Worcester Transcript, cautioning people not to aid Mr. Jones, and saying that he is the owner of a home, and that his son is free. This is a malicious falsehood. I am intimately acquainted with Mr. Jones, and testify to his integrity, to his need of aid, to his ability as a speaker, and to the fact that his son, for whose redemption he is toiling, is still in bonds, and hopelessly bound, unless anti-slavery friends respond to the appeal of a bereaved and sorrowing father. Will you do him the kindness to insert this correction in your paper? and oblige Yours, fraternally,   DANIEL FOSTER,    East Princeton, August 8, 1854

(Liberator, August 18, 1854, pg 3)