Female Colored Benevolent Society, Troy, N.Y.

Female Colored Benevolent Society   Troy, N. Y. June 18, 1833

Mr. Editor: — On the 12th of February last the colored females of this place held a meeting which resulted in the formation of the ‘African Female Benevolent Society’.   There are at present, 62 members and the number continues to increase.  The following are the officers of the Society:

Mrs.  P. Tuey,  President;  Mrs. H.B. Rich, Vice-President;  Mrs. H. P. Dungy, Secretary;  Mrs. M. Williams, Treasurer;  Mrs. S.  Williams, Mrs. N. Tuey, Mrs. S. Miller, Mrs. P. Knox, Mrs. M. Schuyler, Directors.

                                                            (Liberator, June 29, 1833, pg 2)