Hutchinson family repentance

May 19, 1848

Henry C. Wright writes from a hall in New York, the Minerva Rooms, in Broadway, May 10.

He speaks of the meeting of the AASS, the day before, at Broadway Tabernacle.  At that meeting the Hutchinson’s sang, followed by Wendell Phillips.  Wright interprets the remarks of Phillips ….. “we hail it as a sign of their repentance for having prostrated their extraordinary powers to utter sweet and inspiring music, to laud that hoary embodiment  of tyranny. Such is the construction which the Anti-Slavery Society will put upon their presence and their song.  If we are incorrect in our construction, they will signify it.   If we are correct they will signify it.  Under this construction, and under none other, do we heartily welcome them.”     They sang, and were received with loud applause and enthusiasm…Wright says, “it was a shout of anti-slavery over their return to her side.”

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