Mass Meeting of Colored People, North Carolina, pro Union

A large and enthusiastic meeting of colored people of Newbern, North Carolina, was held at the African Church.  Resolutions passed acknowledge the hand of God in events which are now taking place. … “God calls the nation to account … the day of reckoning has come … the day of our deliverance has come… He bids us no longer to serve the slavemasters, taskmasters …  He bids us smite the oppressor … Let us respond to the call of Brigadier General Edward Wild … it is better to die as heroes than as cowards….  That our old men, and those who are not able to do service on the battlefield will work in the Colored Ladies’ Union Relieg Association of Newbern, for the benefit of General Wild’s Colored Brigade …. (Liberator, June 26, 1863, pg 2)

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