Mr. Lincoln’s Inaugural Address

March 8, 1861

Commenting on the address, which appears in preceding columns, the article makes several points.
“His argument against Southern secessionists is compact and conclusive.”

“The position of the Republican party, ….is truthfully and most explicitly defined by Mr. Lincoln” (The Liberator takes issue with it, as with the Democratic party.)

He supports the right of slaveholders to reclaim their slaves, and anyone or any party supporting said claim is “an accomplice in man-stealing”.

The President asserts that there need be no bloodshed or violence, unless forced upon the federal authority. The editor comments: “Either blood must flow like water, or Mr. Lincoln and the North must back down, and confess that the American Union is dissolved beyond the power of restoration.”… “The ‘covenant with death’ must be annulled, the ‘agreement with hell’ must no longer stand…God wills immediate and eternal overthrow; the will of God be done!”

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