Nathaniel Paul in Scotland


Extract of a letter addressed to GeorgeThompson, by the Secretary of the Edinburgh Anti-Slavery Society:  “The Rev. Mr. Paul, whom you know, has been here raising money for the Wilberforce Settlement.  He has succeeded in getting $650, a very handsome sum for Edinburgh.  I never saw one more kindly treated by men of all parties.  The color of his skin was an excellent introduction to him, something surely that will surprise brother Jonathan.  I never saw the feeling of sympathy for the manner in which the free blacks in America are treated,  so powerfully brought forth.  Here there is no prejudice about the color of a man’s skin. The darker it is, the more likely is there to receive kind attention and support.  This has been eminently the case with Mr. Paul.  ……………………..

                                             (Liberator, Feb 7, 183 5, pg 2)