The OLIVE BRANCH “sheet” is scurrilous !!!!!!!

BOSTON OLIVE BRANCH       It is very seldom we notice this scurrilous sheet, because what is manifestly vile and loathsome does not make any special exposure of it necessary; but we have two or three paragraphs, recently culled from the editorial department of the Olive Branch, which, as illustrations of the moral and religious character of its trio of editors, we think worthy of a passing remark.

By the Constitution and laws of Massachusetts, no complexional differences among the inhabitants are tolerated or recognized, but all are entitled to the same rights and privileges……Now hear what the Olive Branch says on this subject:

NEGROES IN THE BOSTON PRIMARY SCHOOLS…  Some agitators are again endeavoring to induce our city school committee to change their present policy, by permitting colored children to enter our primary schools.  Such children are well provided for, with schools at the city’s expense, where only colored children are educated.  May good men and heaven defend us from such a social intercourse of the two races, as might destroy the usefulness of our excellent schools or lead to the abomination of the unnaturally amalgamation of two races whom God intended should ever be distinct.   There is much propriety in negroes marrying with the ourang outing, as there is of the matrimonial amalgamation of the Saxon and the negro races; and motley schools are the forereunners and producers of such amalgamation.  Let, then such mixing be avoided in our cities, where it can easily be done.  Give the negro his liberty, but KEEP HIM IN HIS PLACE.

                                                  (Liberator, August 8, 1845, pg 1)