On the idea of compensation to slaveowners, whose slaves are freed

In a letter to the Liberator, and printed in the Liberator,  July 13, 1833, Garrison writes from Liverpool.   He comments on the idea that if slaves are freed there should be compensation for their owners.  “My indignation kindles at such a bas proposition  — I will not listen to it for a moment.  For those who have been, for a long course of years, whipping, starving, plundering, brutalizing and trafficking their own species, to come forward and demand a handsome remuneration if they cease from these atrocious practices, argues a hardihood of mind unsurpassed in the annals of villany ….to listen to this demand with complacency, evinces extraordinary  obliquity of moral vision  …”   (Source: readinggarrisonsletters, May 24, 1833)

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