Sally Holly lectures at Parker’s Hall

Miss Sally Holly .    Blessed are the ears that hear this eloquent advocate of the down-trodden slave;  for wherever she speaks, she wins the hearts of all honest and loving souls.  She spoke at Parker’s Hall in this place last Thursday evening, and her simple and thrilling eloquence touched all who have hearts to feel for God’s oppressed and suffering four millions.  She also spoke in Centerville on Sunday last, at Liberty Hall.  A crowded house of interested hearers of the Gospel of human freedom were present, and heard the word with joy.  The meeting-house, though unoccupied during the day, (the pastor being absent,)  COULD NOT BE OBTAINED !  This fact is sadly significant of doors against Anti-Slavery lecturers in this day of the nineteenth century!  –Hyannis Messenger the moral condition of the church in that place, which can close its

                (Liberator, Oct 5, 1860, pg 3)