Warning to Free Negroes in Evansville, Indiana

Warning to Free Negroes at Evansville, Indiana –the following handbill has been posted in Evansville, Indiana:–   Notice to Free Negroes —  The laws of Indiana provide that, after a certain date, no Free Negroe shall emigrate to this State.  Other cities and towns in Indiana are expelling the negroes from among them, and owing to the laxity exhibited by other authorities and citizens generally, Evansville is being overrun and cursed by the worst class of this lazy, worthless, drunken, and thieving race, and to such an extent that those who have suffered from their bad conduct re resolved to suffer no longer, and will take the law into their own hands.  The Vigilance Committee, Evansville, Ind., Aug. 28, 1860

                (Liberator Sept 21, 1860, pg 3)