Song, “Get Off the Track”

April 19, 1844

Here is a song by the Hutchinson’s, dedicated to Nathaniel P. Rogers
Some verses:
 Ho!  The car Emancipation
 Rides majestic thro’ our nation,
 Bearing on its train the story,
 Liberty!  A nation’s glory.
    Roll it along, thro’ the nation
    Freedom’s car, Emancipation.

 First of all, the train, and greater,
 Speeds the dauntless Liberator,
 Onward cheered amid hosannas
 And the waving of free banners.
    Roll it along! Spread your banners,
    While the people shout hosannas.

 Men of various predilections,
 Frightened, run in all directions,
 Merchants, editors, physicians,
 Lawyers, priests, and politicians,
     Get out of the way!  Every station!
     Clear the track of Emancipation!

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