The Smith School, and Abner Forbes

June 28, 1844

Here is an article about the “proceedings of our coloured fellow-citizens, in regard to their constitutional rights, and to the Smith School and its teacher, Mr. Abner Forbes”.

It expresses “surprise and regret at the recent acquittal by the School Committee of Abner Forbes, Principal of the Smith School, and of our deep concern that he is totally unworthy of his present responsible station, and the coloured parents of  this city are recommended to withdraw their children from the exclusive school established in contravention of that equality of privileges which is the vital principle of the school system of Massachusetts.”

Here are resolutions petitioning the School Committee to abolish separate schools for colored children, and asking for the right of colored citizens to send their children to the schools in their district.

 Signed by John T. Hilton, President, Henry W. Thacker and Jonas W. Clark, Vice Presidents,  Wm. C. Nell, Robert Morris, Secretaries

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