Virginia Congressman asks North abandon anti-slavery

A Southern Proposition.   Mr. Botts, of Virginia, has promised on the floor of Congress, that if the abolitionists of the North will disband their societies, and cease to carry on their operations against slavery, the South will agree not to annex Texas to the Union!  Our reply, in the first place, is, that no reliance is to be placed on the promises of tyrants, and therefore we are not disposed to make any bargain with them.  Secondly, that the anti-slavery movement cannot be abandoned on any pretext, whatever, without apostacy from God and Liberty, and therefore it must be carried on until the last vestige of slavery is swept away.  Thirdly, that the annexation of Texas will be the termination of the American Union, and therefore the South will have more to lose than to gain by it.

(Liberator, April 29, 1842 , pg 3)