White Men Vs. Negroes

January 1, 1864

Under the Refuge of Oppression column, is  an article from the Boston Pilot.
Addressing the “dire distress” of the time, it calls upon “men who govern” to ponder the “the golden opportunity (which) trembles in the hour”…It explains its concern:  “One would infer that the relative numbers of the white and black races are the reverse of the reality, that there are twenty-five negroes to every white man in the land, if he might judge from our legislation.”    The article goes on to contend that “the idolatry for negroes” is due to the fanatical abolitionists, and that fanatics are invariably seditious.  It concludes: “We invoke the little patriotism that lingers at Washington to lift itself above the African slough, and to legislate for white men, by which course alone the national authority can be vindicated, treason silenced, and the blessings of equal  liberty preserved to ourselves and our posterity.”

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