Anti-Slavery Societies in Cowper and Hanover


The Officers chosen were:  Nath’l  Billings, President;  Hiram Welch, Vice President;

Stephen Vialle, Jr, Secretary;     Benjamin Lerned,  Treasurer

There are 25 members belonging to the Society, 15 males and 10 females.


President  –  Rev. A.G. Duncan,     Vice President  –  Samuel Appleton;

 Secretary — Rev.  Robert B. Dickie;       Treasurer –  Alexander Woods, Esq.

  Board of Managers – John Curtis,  Elisha Biss,   Isaac M. Wilder,  Justus Whiting

There are connected with the Society 68 males, and 67 females.

                                                        (Liberator, Jan 30, 1836, pg 2)