Charles Burleigh at Oberlin College

Charles C. Burleigh.   This renowned anti-slavery orator and indefatigable laborer in the cause of humanity, has been invited to address the literary societies of Oberlin College  — an honor of which he is well worthy.   For among all the advocates of liberty in the United States, we know of none to bring to the advocacy of this cause a deeper conviction, a more constant zeal, more industry, or a more thrilling eloquence, than he.  Differing from him vitally as we do, on some points, we, nevertheless, esteem him and his labors most highly.  …. Let Charles Burleigh be greeted by a crowded assembly on Monday night……………… Frederick Douglass’s Paper,  18th inst.

                                                  (Liberator,  Aug 25, 1854, pg 4)