Colored Citizens’ Convention

August 26, 1859

A brief article commends “the intelligent, dignified and orderly manner in which those proceedings were conducted throughout…”  It comments on the wide coverage given in the daily press. “It will be seen that the Convention took strong ground against every scheme of expatriation to Africa, whether for colonization, civilization, or any other purposes….We do not see in the proceedings of the Convention that distinct recognition and grateful appreciation of the Anti-Slavery movement which the occasion naturally suggested, and which might have been justly expected; for it is that movement which has made the holding of such a Convention, under such cheerful circumstances, possible -which has given the death-blow to the Colonization crusade  — which has done much for the extirpation of colorphobia -which has shaken the slave system to its foundation, and shall yet emancipate every bondsman.”

The last page of the paper is devoted to the Convention, including a sentence which indicates that one of the speeches was by The Rev. Thomas H. Jones, from Worcester.

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