Ralph Waldo Emerson speaks for Cherokees

“WORDS FITLY SPOKEN — The bold, energetic and independent tone of the following letter is worthy of the highest admiration.  It ought to be printed in every newspaper, and sent to every family in the United States. Can it be possible that the mind and heart which gave it birth are unaffected by the woes of the slaves! We hope not.”  — These words introduce a letter to President Martin Van Buren, from Ralph Waldo Emerson, dated April 23, 1838, Concord.  The letter clearly speaks for the Cherokees who have recently denied any validity to a “treaty” signed by those whom they do not recognize. .. note also that the Liberator also uses this publication of Emerson’s letter as an opportunity to prod his anti-slavery conscience! — (Liberator, June 2, 1838, pg 2)

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