The Nation’s Need

June 10, 1864

A long article by Charles K. Whipple begins: “It is plain enough that President Lincoln is not disposed to do justice to the colored people, either in the civil or the military department. Many of those who dislike his present policy, and deprecate his reelection on this ground, are accustomed to contrast him unfavorably with the people at large, and to say that they desire a policy more liberal towards the blacks, and more radical in regard to the extirpation of slavery; that the people are right upon the negro question, and that the President only is wrong.”….The article goes on to say that neither the President, nor the people at large are right on the question.  “….they do not see that liberty, civil equality, and the pursuit of happiness, are unalienable rights, as well for the negro as the white man.”   The rest of the article supports this argument.

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