The Presidency

March 18, 1864

In the introduction to this editorial there is a comment on the purpose of non-involvement in political parties.  “Standing, as we have stood for more than thirty years, outside of every party organization, — yet taking the deepest interest in every political struggle of national concernment as indicative of progress or retrogression, — we occupy a position not only absolutely independent of all party ties and obligations, but sufficiently elevated and disinterested to make our judgment impartial, if not conclusive to others….Let every one be fully persuaded in his own mind, — and act in accordance with his clearest instincts and his highest convictions….”

This editorial comments on the National Republican Convention, to be held in Baltimore, in June, and on the divisions within the Party over the various candidates.  The editorial endorses Abraham Lincoln.  “Not that Mr. Lincoln is not open to criticism and censure; we have both criticised and censured him again and again.  ….Nevertheless there is also much to rejoice over and to be thankful for; and a thousand incidental errors and blunders are easily to be borne with on the part of him who, at one blow, severed the chains of three millions three hundred thousand slaves, — thus virtually abolishing the whole slave system….’

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