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April 17, 1846 An item from the Boston Daily Star, an article about Parker, now leading a church and society  worshipping at the Melodeon; it lists his publications to date,…


June 16, 1848   Here are remarks by Theodore Parker, delivered at the Melodeon, March 5, 1848 In the same paper there is a “sketch” of Parker’s speech at Faneuil…

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March 29, 1850 There was a “Great Meeting in Faneuil Hall”,with a “large concourse of citizens”. Speakers include Samuel E. Sewall, Esq., Theodore Parker, Wendell Phillips, and a letter from…

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November 5, 1852 The letter by Quincy, from the previous week, is repeated.  There is also a long sermon on Webster, by Theodore Parker, begun here, concluded in the next…

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October 6, 1854 A column-long article by Theodore Parker which begins, “Slavery is unprofitable for the people.  America is poorer for slavery.  …If three and a quarter million slaves were…

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1859 Beecher, Henry Ward Parker, Theodore

February 3, 1860 Written from Rome, Dec 24, 1859, there are extracts from a letter written to a friend in Boston.   Commenting on news of the execution of Brown:  “Of…

1860 Brown, John Parker, Theodore

June 1, 1860 The death of Parker, in Florence, on the 10th of May, is announced.  “Few men have ever possessed such powers of analysis and classification, reasoning from cause…

1860 Parker, Theodore

June 8, 1860 Here are speeches, in praise and memory of Parker, by Samuel J. May, Wendell Phillips, Garrison, J. Freeman Clarke, and others.

1860 Parker, Theodore

June 22, 1860 Here are some of the last words of Parker in a letter which he had addressed to his Society.

1860 Parker, Theodore

1860 Parker, Theodore Sumner, Charles

December 21, 1860 Theodore Parker’s Congregational Society met at the Music Hall, where Wendell Phillips spoke.  He was mobbed in the streets, protected by the police.

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