Anti-Slavery Organizations

The Liberator and Slavery

Boston Young Men’s Anti-Slavery Association

National Anti-Slavery Convention

New England Anti-Slavery Society

Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society

Beginning the sixth volume

Rhode Island AntiSlavery organizations


Number of local Anti-Slavery meetings – H.B. Stanton

Friends of Immediate Emancipation

Juvenile Anti-Slavery Society meeting

Anti-Slavery lectures to women and disturbed city authorities

Appeal to and on behalf of women

Board asserts Editorial independence of the Liberator

General Conference of Freewill Baptists, Rhode Island

MASS meeting commemorates death of Lovejoy and comments on Faneuil Hall

Cent-A-Week Societies raise money for AASS

Listing of Anti-Slavery Societies

Nantucket Ladies Anti-Slavery Society

Notice of establishment of The Massachusetts Abolitionist

Notice from Managers of Mass. Anti-Slavery Society re. Garrison and Board

Creation of a new Anti-Slavery Society

Support for Massachusetts Anit-Slavery Society from Salem Female Society

Colonization in Newburyport

Essex County Abolitionists meet

Vermont ASS and Clergy

Petitions to the Mass. Legislature — by MASS & “new organization”

LIBERATOR – EXTRA – Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society

On return from London convention

Liberty Party Meeting

Garrison on slaves as property

Convention of the NEASS

Anti-Slavery Meeting at State House

Dissolution of the Union

Free Suffrage in Rhode Island

Women’s Anti-Slavery Conference

Eleventh Annual Meeting of Mass Anti-Slavery Society

British Anti-Slavery Report

One Hundred Anti-Slavery Conventions

Maria Weston Chapman


Anti-Slavery Sewing Circles

Donations to Anti-Slavery Cause

The One Hundred Conventions

Women’s Convention in Indiana

NY State Anti-Slavery Society

Anti-Slavery in Maine

Proposal for a New Anti-Slavery League

Daring Robbery

Anti-Slavery on Nantucket